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Shoplife Digital

Shoplife Digital consist of myself and few other creative individuals with great experience in Web design, audio and video Content production,Branding and Social media marketing.

Music and Brands

Your unique brand needs a creative contents to sell it to the World. Dayss Ola Lee will give you the best music and connect you with the best singers, songwriters and producers that will craft a great masterpiece for your brand. We can create or get involve in your music and sound effects production, talent…

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Content Marketing

We will analyse, optimize and set your digital campaigns in motion for great ROI. We guarantee the best in online advertisement and promotions ranging from Social media marketing,SEO and SEM,we will also get your creative brands,products and services in front of mobile target audience, Top blogs in Nigeria and Abroad for General PR & Marketing…

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Website Design

Kick start the construction of your digital real estate in grand style as we deliver the right combination of designs, innovation and values that your customers need . Delight your customers and connect to their feelings.At Shoplife Digital, how to connect and put your creative brands and services in front of millions of ranging potentials…

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Inspiration and Lifestyle

Enjoy great contents from Ola Lee as he regularly post updates on the inspiration and lifestyle blog.


The 1 Thing Every Great Leader Does, Each and Every Day

Are you looking for how to become a great leader?, then read this. Because when you do this one thing, everything else follows. Granted, every CEO is ultimately measured by his or her ability to increase compass earnings, profits, and stock values. Everything else — crafting bold visions, building a


Google wants to run your city. That’s not a world we should live in

A new initiative will see Alphabet – the parent company of Google – take charge of redeveloping a waterfront district in Toronto. Here’s why that’s troubling Alphabet, the parent company of Google, does not suffer from a lack of ambition. Its subsidiaries are tackling topics ranging from autonomous vehicles to smart homes, artificial

Mrodun EP now on Music streaming and retail Stores Worldwide

Hello lovely family, you can now get Mrodun-The Designer State of Soul on Itunes, Apple music, Soundcloud, Deezer and all others music retail and streaming stores Worldwide. These are some of the links below to the Mrodun EP on some of the platforms. Deezer   Itunes and Apple music     Soundcloud     


What is a Brand? Meaning of Brand and Brand Concepts.

Do You Need A Branding Agency that can come out with a  Strategy that can make uplift you brand Shoplife Digital is the number  Branding Agency in Lagos that you can count on. Let’s begin by knowing something about brand itself . What is a Brand? Brand is a


Nuggets From Dangote, Yemi Osinbajo,Elumelu and Otudeko Stories

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum has come and gone  but the unforgettable and  awesome experiences will be remembered for a long time to come especially for the 2017 Entrepreneurs . I was invited to the two days and this are my views and some word of wisdom I got from


Nigeria, a sky full of Stars ,now in the mud

I love Nigeria but I have never seen a people full of hope and expectation of victory like the people that their skin is smooth like back of the cowry- Africa. Nations with vast resources, potentials and diverse cultures but wasting away and feeding on dead things like the


What a Tweet Story

With some buzz and hype on digital channels, I was set to drop Mr Odun EP. The EP which was suppose to drop on the first of Oct later dropped on the third of the same. With much love and enthusiasm , people enjoyed the EP and continuously say


Dayss Ola – Ori Olowo mp3

Hey great family, you are welcome to Dayss Olasunkanmi website, feel free to check out my website . Kindly download Ori Olowo from my latest Mr Odun project. You can stream and dowload below   Save No related posts.


10 Awesome Things I Learn From Richard Branson

   The other day I went out at night and fell asleep on a park bench near the beach in Miami. When I opened my eyes I pretended I had just landed on the world. I knew nothing. Now I had to learn everything. That’s the way I should’ve been when I was younger. Maybe I would’ve avoided many problems if I just realized I knew nothing. All successful people started off


How To Start Living A Successful Life (A Case Study Of The 8 Wonders Of Jesus And Joseph)

2016 Youth Convention at the Redeemed Christian Church of God was a power packed programme I had never imagined. It’s my first time attending Youth Convention at RCCG and I enjoyed it to the fullest. On one of the afternoons, I took time to pray and give praises to