With some buzz and hype on digital channels, I was set to drop Mr Odun EP. The EP which was suppose to drop on the first of Oct later dropped on the third of the same. With much love and enthusiasm , people enjoyed the EP and continuously say their prayers. From the button of my heart, I want to appreciate everyone that buy into this project… God blessings on you always.


On the day the EP dropped, something unusual happened, my little PR team, friends and media guys are showing me some love on the micro blogging platform twitter when they decided to lock the account. I was very happy when I saw Mrodun trending in Lagos . What a sweet story

I was in PSSDC Library inside Magodo when I saw the second Trendsmap message that Mrodun is now trending in Nigeria. What a sweet sweet story

I went outside to take some natural fresh air, away from the artificial air conditioned library. I was scrolling on that flat android screen from Gionee when I got back into the library, I checked my laptop and discovered I can’t access my twitter account again, they told me to change the password that someone is trying to access it. I had been using this account for years and the email I used to sign it up is a departed entity from myself.  I was perplexed, trying to scream but my environment won’t allow that, the room was silent, the room was full of serious readers and computer users, the only sound you will hear is that of the A/C . I tried as much as possible to calm myself down, made some calls and discovered it will only take God to get that account back.  There are more than 250 retweet on the pinned content on @mrodundayssola which is the twitter account I am talking about.

I messaged twitter, they got back to me, the link they gave me talking something like PAYAN .

Well, I apologies to my fans out there, and implore them to follow me on this account on twitter @mrodundaysslee .


That is my twitter story , what a tweet story . To all my true fans out there, I want us to do something, I will say a million Gbosa to all of you and each and every one of you will say a thousand Gbosa too because I dey wait for una own. So let’s start .

Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa ….