Adedayo Olasunkanmi a.k.a Dayss Ola Lee is a talented and versatile musicians, songwriter and an entrepreneur,  I started singing from my elementary school age,started my professional music career back in 2010. I had dropped some singles into the Nigerian music market which gave me lot of insight into the business and the creative industry generally. In 2014, I dropped Odun which to some extent was successful on radio and street circulations, I discover my entrepreneury part when I had no money to shoot the video for that single, the music was so circulated then to the extent  that it just needed some small effort to burst into the main stream. I even got the name MRODUN from my fans in Lagos here. From that time, I decided that I’m not just going to be singing, I will be impacting lives. 

Ola Lee also has knowledge about web designs, branding and digital marketing for creative businesses owners and entrepreneurs . I  always wanted to get involved in Edutainment, Creative business and Lifestyle and I think this urge is what birth the real Ola with a lot of growth mindset. If you are a creative entrepreneur that want to get your Products, Brands,Music and Services in front of millions of ranging potentials audiences, customers and fans, you can reach out Here

I also currently work as a creative designer at Dayss Ola Music Merchandise (Clothing brand) called Mrodun

When I reach the old age of 120 years old like Moses,I want the generations coming to seek a solution to a problem and find it inside my music and other creative works,I want them to able to listen to Dayss Ola Music like it’s an audio book. So help me God