The 1 Thing Every Great Leader Does, Each and Every Day

The 1 Thing Every Great Leader Does, Each and Every Day

Are you looking for how to become a great leader?, then read this.

Because when you do this one thing, everything else follows.

Granted, every CEO is ultimately measured by his or her ability to increase compass earnings, profits, and stock values. Everything else — crafting bold visions, building a vibrant corporate culture, striving to make a difference in the community, etc. — is, depending on your point of view, either a driver of those earnings or, more likely, something that can be given attention once financial metrics trend consistently upwards.

It’s hard to be seen as a great CEO if you don’t produce earnings, profits, and a rising stock price.

The same is ultimately true for a small business owner. Startup founders are ultimately measured by their ability to generate profits, because without profits, there is no business. Everything else — doing what you love, giving back to the community, etc. — follows from that.

And the same is true for a boss at any level; ultimately you’re measured by your ability to hit your performance and financial targets. You can have all the soft skills you want, but if you don’t get things done…you won’t have a job.

But how does every great leader accomplish those goals? What is one thing every great leader does?

What great leaders do is make every person around them better.

Why? Because no one does anything worthwhile alone, especially great leaders. Leaders are only great when they build great teams — which means making every person on those teams better.

How? For some employees, that means a little more training. For others, it means more encouragement. For others, it means holding them to higher standards. For others, it means providing opportunities to gain skills and experience.

Every person is different. That means every person’s needs are different.

It’s your job to figure out what those needs are, and then deliver.

Take a close look at the people around you. Are they more skilled than when they joined your company or team? More proactive? Better communicators? Better team players? Better leaders?

Better performers?

If not, you aren’t doing your job.

Great leaders develop every employee. Great leaders make every person around them better.

Because when they do…everything else follows.

This is the reason I do this …..

… I have a great love for this continent and I believe Africa will arise and shine. I base a lot of my music,, entrepreneurship and business, so I thought to myself on how I can combine these together for the benefit of my African brothers and sisters who constantly envision better days for this great continent, then I decided to add content creation and curation to my music.I dish out latest and next trending content on Entrepreneurship, Technology,, Content Marketing etc.

I am Dayss Adedayo Olasunkanmi a.k.a Mrodundaysslee . Mrodundaysslee is a music merchandising brand that speaks about Celebration, living good life and making good choices.It’s an inspiration and classical brand that address the need for a well refined and vibrant youth culture that needs to shape the destiny and future of Africa.

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Google wants to run your city. That’s not a world we should live in

Google wants to run your city. That’s not a world we should live in

A new initiative will see Alphabet – the parent company of Google – take charge of redeveloping a waterfront district in Toronto. Here’s why that’s troubling

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, does not suffer from a lack of ambition. Its subsidiaries are tackling topics ranging from autonomous vehicles to smart homesartificial intelligence to biotech life extension. So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Alphabet has decided it will plan, build, and run a city, too – well, part of a city. It’s a bit more surprising that a major city is happily handing Alphabet a neighborhood of prime real estate to call their own.

The project announced last week is a partnership between Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet subsidiary focused on urban technology, and Toronto. Sidewalk Labs will be in charge of redeveloping a waterfront district called Quayside.

According to reports, this initiative will “include at least 3.3m square feet of residential, office and commercial space, including a new headquarters for Google Canada, in a district that would be a test bed for the combination of technology and urbanism”.

With this district, Alphabet will have its own “urban living laboratory” where it can experiment with new smart systems and planning techniques. It can study how these systems and techniques work in the real world and how people are affected.

Urban labs like this are on trend right now. There are examples around the worldof cities, often in partnership with companies, developing or deeming a district a test-bed for technologies like self-driving cars. Indeed, this is not even Sidewalk Lab’s first project. It is also involved in the redevelopment of Hudson Yards in New York City.

But if the Toronto development goes as planned, it will be one of the largest examples of a smart city project in North America. That is: a place built around data-driven, (semi-)automated, networked technologies.

There is much at stake with this initiative – and not just for Toronto and Alphabet, but for cities globally. With a high-profile project like this one, the kind of deals and terms set here could become a template for similar projects in other cities.

Mayors and tech executives exalt urban labs as sites of disruptive innovation and economic growth. However, this model of creating our urban future is also an insidious way of handing more control – over people, places, policies – to profit-driven, power-hungry corporations.

As the Globe and Mail reports, Eric Schmidt said at the announcement: “The genesis of the thinking for Sidewalk Labs came from Google’s founders getting excited thinking of ‘all the things you could do if someone would just give us a city and put us in charge’.” Ambition alone is not a sin, yet desires like these should evoke suspicion, not celebration.

In an era of intense competition between cities for resources, many cities are focused on achieving constant growth, large returns, and public-private partnerships. This has translated into city leaders expending much energy courting the tech sector – that locus of investment and innovation.

They coax tech companies by offering benefits like looser regulation and lower taxes. They create “innovation ecosystems” made up of things like hackathons, incubators, and co-working spaces meant to attract programmers and venture capitalists. Digital districts, like the one being developed by Sidewalk Labs, are the next-level version of these lures.

Why settle for tax breaks or coding camps when you can lay claim to an entire neighborhood? The city itself is turned into just another platform on which Silicon Valley can build and test new technologies – while also extracting more value and expanding its influence.

It is easy for city leaders to step aside and allow technocrats and corporations to take control, as if they are alchemists who can turn social problems and economic stagnation into progress and growth.

But cities are not machines that can be optimized, nor are they labs for running experiments. Cities are not platforms with users, nor are they businesses with shareholders. Cities are real places with real people who have a right not to live with whatever “smart solutions” an engineer or executive decides to unleash.

These partnerships cannot be a way for city governments to abdicate responsibility and accountability to citizens by handing over (parts of) the city to corporations. Nobody elected Alphabet or Uber or any other company with its sights set on privatizing city governance.

When Sidewalk Labs was chosen to develop Quayside, Schmidt said his reaction was: “Now, it’s our turn.” While this was a joyous exclamation for him, it’s an ominous remark for the rest of us.

There’s no doubt that urban labs can help in the design of powerful, useful technologies. But building the smart urban future cannot also mean paving the way for tech billionaires to fulfill their dreams of ruling over cities. If it does, that’s not a future we should want to live in.


This is the reason I do this …..

… I have a great love for this continent and I believe Africa will arise and shine. I base a lot of my music,, entrepreneurship and business, so I thought to myself on how I can combine these together for the benefit of my African brothers and sisters who constantly envision better days for this great continent, then I decided to add content creation and curation to my music.I dish out latest and next trending content on Entrepreneurship, Technology,, Content Marketing etc.

I am Dayss Adedayo Olasunkanmi a.k.a Mrodundaysslee . Mrodundaysslee is a music merchandising brand that speaks about Celebration, living good life and making good choices.It’s an inspiration and classical brand that address the need for a well refined and vibrant youth culture that needs to shape the destiny and future of Africa.

I have a new musical project I titled “Mrodun-The Designer State of Soul” , It’s an EP of 5 good songs. The Mrodun EP was made to inspire and bless you, you can support me to make more good music and also continue with content creation by paying what you want for the Mrodun EP on Shoplife Africa or get it on Music streaming Retail Sites Worldwide. You can also order for Mrodundaysslee music merchandise and have the  look of  that real celeb you are.






What is a Brand? Meaning of Brand and Brand Concepts.

What is a Brand? Meaning of Brand and Brand Concepts.

Do You Need A Branding Agency that can come out with a  Strategy that can make uplift you brand

Shoplife Digital is the number  Branding Agency in Lagos that you can count on. Let’s begin by knowing something about brand itself . What is a Brand?

Brand is a product, service, person, company, or a concept which has characteristics to be differentiated from others in the market. Brand is what makes the product identifiable and differentiable.

Branding isn’t new. We’ve been branding people since the start. They had a face (identity), were given names, people around them had an image of them in their minds, etc. Branding of products started a bit later though.

It all started with brand names, other characteristics were put to use eventually. E.g. Coca Cola had to include different brand characteristics like – a different bottle shape, the color (red and white), and the experience (happiness, joy), to make its own identity.

Earlier, brand was regarded as a valuable asset. It was considered different from the product. But over time, brand is now the product itself. Brand is the combination of properties within and outside a product which gives an identity to the generic product. A brand cannot be separated from the product.

Imagine if Surf Excel starts producing soft drinks. Will you buy it?

Customers buy a brand. The tangible product is not the sole reason anymore. It’s now an important part of the brand.

Will you buy Coca Cola, without any label, in a Sprite’s bottle?

The market is full of similar products. To make a product stand out, one needs to assign to it some identification properties. Such identification properties include certain associations like name, logo, color, and many other attributes. These branding attributes give the product a certain personality, certain voice, etc, position the product at some distinctive place in the consumers’ mind, and give them an experience whenever they have a contact with the brand.

Branding and its Concepts

Brand, just like living beings, have certain traits

Brand Association

The intangible product features like the logo, color scheme, ambassadors, owners, etc. which are associated with the product. They help in positioning of the product.

Brand Name

The part of the brand which gives it a spoken identity. Just like a person’s name.

Brand Attributes

The characteristics of a brand. The core values of the brand. To be a strong brand the brand should have some characteristics (attributes) like relevancy, consistency, appeal, sustainable, credibility, etc.

Brand Identity

How an organisation feels of its brand. It’s basically an image of the brand from the company’s point of view. That is, how it wants the customer to perceive its brand.

Brand Image

The image of the brand in the customers’ mind. How they perceive the brand.

Brand Personality

Just like humans, brands have a way they speak and behave. Brand personality is basically the human personality traits of the brand. E.g. honest, caring, luxurious, etc.

Brand Voice

The way a brand speaks to its customers. It is that unique and constant feature included in every brand decision which makes your customer recognise it and differentiate it from others. (E.g. Sprite, in India, has a unique brand voice of being straightforward in everything) Brand voice give rise to the personality.

Brand Positioning

Where does the brand stand among the competition? Positioning is the distinctive / unique position of the brand in the market/consumers’ mind.

Brand Experience

How customers/consumers experience the brands when they search for, shop for, or consume the brand. It include the sensations, feelings, responses evoked by a brand whenever the consumer interacts with it.

Brand Awareness

It is the extent to which consumers are acquainted with the particular brand.

Brand Recall

Brand Recall is the ability of consumers to recognize the brand when the product category is mentioned. (E.g. coca cola is recalled when soft drinks is mentioned)

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition is the ability of consumers to recognize the brand when asked questions about that brand or when shown products of that brand. (E.g. a product is shown to you and you’re asked if you’ve seen this before or not or do you remember its name or not)

Brand Value

As the phrase states – Brand value is the value of the ‘Brand’ over and above the tangible product. That is, how much extra will a customer pay (in monetary terms) if he gets the product of a specified brand.

Brand Equity

The impact of a brand on the purchasing decision of a customer. Brand equity is a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand, which add to or subtract from the value provided by a product or service. It is how the business is affected because of perceptions, attitudes, and preference of the customers towards the brand. Brand equity is difficult to estimate.

Brand Management

The process of maintaining and management of a brand.

Brand Culture

A theory where brand operates as a culture. It has its own set of values, its guidelines, do’s and don’ts, etc.

Brand Promise

The benefits and experience which a business promises to associate with a brand.

Brand Message

Message used to express the brand promise.

Brand Ambassador

A person/group of persons hired by organisation to represent a brand.

Customer touch points

A touch-point is where the brand and the customer interacts.

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This is the reason I do this …..

… I have a great love for this continent and I believe Africa will arise and shine. I base a lot of my music,, entrepreneurship and business, so I thought to myself on how I can combine these together for the benefit of my African brothers and sisters who constantly envision better days for this great continent, then I decided to add content creation and curation to my music.I dish out latest and next trending content on Entrepreneurship, Technology,, Content Marketing etc.

I am Dayss Adedayo Olasunkanmi a.k.a Mrodundaysslee . Mrodundaysslee is a music merchandising brand that speaks about Celebration, living good life and making good choices.It’s an inspiration and classical brand that address the need for a well refined and vibrant youth culture that needs to shape the destiny and future of Africa.

I have a new musical project I titled “Mrodun-The Designer State of Soul” , It’s an EP of 5 good songs. The Mrodun EP was made to inspire and bless you, you can support me to make more good music and also continue with content creation by paying what you want for the Mrodun EP on Shoplife Africa or get it on Music streaming Retail Sites Worldwide. You can also order for Mrodundaysslee music merchandise and have the  look of  that real celeb you are.


Nuggets From Dangote, Yemi Osinbajo,Elumelu and Otudeko Stories

Nuggets From Dangote, Yemi Osinbajo,Elumelu and Otudeko Stories

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum has come and gone  but the unforgettable and  awesome experiences will be remembered for a long time to come especially for the 2017 Entrepreneurs . I was invited to the two days and this are my views and some word of wisdom I got from some of the important people on our continent :

Nuggets From Dangote, Yemi Osinbajo,Elumelu and Otudeko Stories

Aliko Dangote, President of Dangote Groups

  1. A change in mindset is now required than ever before to transform Africa
  2. For Africa to leap frog, we need to build the middle class
  3. Dangote started as a commodity trading company , we tried banking but not as successful as First bank (pointing to Oba Otudeko) , left banking and later focused on Industrialization.
  4. Some of the key pillars of Dangote Group and these are very good and classified information for entrepreneurs out there : a. Identify sweet spot ( where to play). b. Execute efficiently. c. Operate effectively
  5. Africa is still a land of opportunities, there are challenges but a resilient investor  can overcome them.
  6. If we can go into Agriculture,all of us will be rich in Africa

Tony Elumelu,Founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation

  1. Africa should be build by Africans,not Americans,Europeans, Asians etc.
  2. Government facilitate jobs, the private sectors creates jobs
  3. What limit people’s business creativity in Africa are: a. The Operating Environment and b. The ease of transforming ideas into action which is also tied into the Operating Environment.
  4. It is not what we keep in our bank account that counts, it is the legacy you leave behind that matters.

Oba Otudeko,Formal Chairman of First Bank

  1. Entrepreneurship is a slippery road
  2. The empire of the future is the empire of the mind
  3. The future is not an inheritance, it is an opportunity and your obligation
  4. Have self belief in yourself. this is when you can conquer the World

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo,Vice President of Nigeria

  1. History of personal failure can limit one’s progress, but remember that the day we live in is more glamorous than the past
  2. Researches that take months to do are now a second away on google
  3. Dreams pursued with single-mindedness is powerful than fact
  4. Courage and persistence can triumph over experience
  5. Hope and imagination are potent than history

Only great men achieve great act and the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship forum has put in a lot of training and resources towards making the Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa to blossom. This is the act of doing good which stem from Africapitalism , a philosophy from Tony Elumelu.

Check out Mrodundaysslee

Thank you for reading

Nigeria, a sky full of Stars ,now in the mud

Nigeria, a sky full of Stars ,now in the mud

I love Nigeria but I have never seen a people full of hope and expectation of victory like the people that their skin is smooth like back of the cowry- Africa. Nations with vast resources, potentials and diverse cultures but wasting away and feeding on dead things like the vultures ,while the rest of the World cajoles us with what we know we are – The eagle. We are meant to soar high and even play with the stars, what are we looking for in the deep water of deception. They said Africa is the future, a saying that is almost casting us off the present. The songs of victory are yet to be written not to talk of been produced,mastered and released, If the World is coming to an end shortly, then when are we to enjoy this song of victory?.

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To whom much is given, much more is expected, what then can we say of these great Nations that are eagerly waiting to consume much products from our friends that we respected. They said respect is reciprocal but Africa is building her house adjacent to an enemy called dishonor on the street of myopic nature. You are the best next thing, yes you, I mean you,but why are you so obsessed with the innovations and some piece of codes from these guys in California,there are more amazing things in you my African brother and sisters, let’s bring it out. You whatzupping snapchat instead of facing your book so you can make Africa the next trends map?, You keep posting as if you are working for IG, when your personality is been policed all around because what you care about is an online ID . You complain everything about our dear country while you are part of the people spoiling her. For example, 95 percent of Nigerians will eat Gala and throw the nylon on the road, I started to take notice of this and I realized people even do this with an attitude I’m still yet to find a name for, it occurred to me that they even find pride doing this evil against our environment, then the flood will come and we will start complaining about the Nigerian government as if Buhari is the one that ate the Gala and threw the nylon on the street .

Nigeria, the big for nothing self imposing giant that is suppose to be the trigger for Africa is now the question mark. It’s time to arise and shine Nigeria!!!. Get yourself off the mud so you can shoot so high. The whole black race is eagerly waiting to dance to your tune of triumph. I love Nigeria, do you love her, let’s work, stick and stay together to make her flourish.

This is my first writing on the article series ” The Designer State of Soul“. What’s the Creator state of mind for our dear nation?, is it to wallow in failure and defeat or to triumph and be the envy of giant Nations?. Remember, it lies in our hands, the map, landmass and the government are just our representation,me and you is what Nigeria stands for, let’s bless and uphold her, our future lies in our actions of today. Let’s bless our future generations. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa. If you can remember this song by Barrister,sing it aloud and say a word of prayer to Nigeria today… Africa is my fatherland, Nigeria is my country ooooo. I love Nigeria because Nigeria is a sky full of stars

Listen to this playlist on Mtn music plus about Nigeria’s Independence


I just released an EP titled Mr Odun- The Designer State of Soul , you can support the movement by getting yours on Shoplife Africa . Comment below, let’s discuss about our dear country and share with your network .

What a Tweet Story

What a Tweet Story

With some buzz and hype on digital channels, I was set to drop Mr Odun EP. The EP which was suppose to drop on the first of Oct later dropped on the third of the same. With much love and enthusiasm , people enjoyed the EP and continuously say their prayers. From the button of my heart, I want to appreciate everyone that buy into this project… God blessings on you always.


On the day the EP dropped, something unusual happened, my little PR team, friends and media guys are showing me some love on the micro blogging platform twitter when they decided to lock the account. I was very happy when I saw Mrodun trending in Lagos . What a sweet story

I was in PSSDC Library inside Magodo when I saw the second Trendsmap message that Mrodun is now trending in Nigeria. What a sweet sweet story

I went outside to take some natural fresh air, away from the artificial air conditioned library. I was scrolling on that flat android screen from Gionee when I got back into the library, I checked my laptop and discovered I can’t access my twitter account again, they told me to change the password that someone is trying to access it. I had been using this account for years and the email I used to sign it up is a departed entity from myself.  I was perplexed, trying to scream but my environment won’t allow that, the room was silent, the room was full of serious readers and computer users, the only sound you will hear is that of the A/C . I tried as much as possible to calm myself down, made some calls and discovered it will only take God to get that account back.  There are more than 250 retweet on the pinned content on @mrodundayssola which is the twitter account I am talking about.

I messaged twitter, they got back to me, the link they gave me talking something like PAYAN .

Well, I apologies to my fans out there, and implore them to follow me on this account on twitter @mrodundaysslee .


That is my twitter story , what a tweet story . To all my true fans out there, I want us to do something, I will say a million Gbosa to all of you and each and every one of you will say a thousand Gbosa too because I dey wait for una own. So let’s start .

Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa Gbosa ….

Dayss Ola – Ori Olowo mp3

Dayss Ola – Ori Olowo mp3

Hey great family, you are welcome to Dayss Olasunkanmi website, feel free to check out my website . Kindly download Ori Olowo from my latest Mr Odun project. You can stream and dowload below

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10 Awesome Things I Learn From Richard Branson

10 Awesome Things I Learn From Richard Branson


 The other day I went out at night and fell asleep on a park bench near the beach in Miami.

When I opened my eyes I pretended I had just landed on the world. I knew nothing. Now I had to learn everything.

That’s the way I should’ve been when I was younger. Maybe I would’ve avoided many problems if I just realized I knew nothing.

All successful people started off knowing nothing.

They studied the people who came before them. Who studied the people who came before them. And so on.

I really admire Richard Branson. He’s one to study.

Richard Branson is the perfect example of “Ready. Fire. Aim.” He starts something. He does it. Then he looks to see if he hit the target. If not, he starts something new.

I love the story of how he started Virgin Airlines. He was already successful fromVirgin Music. Note that now he has nothing to do with Virgin Music.

I don’t even know if Virgin Music still exists. All that is left is Virgin Air.

A plane had gotten cancelled. Everyone was upset.

But Branson wasn’t upset. He found a plane that would take him. But he didn’t have the money.

One good thing to start with always is to imagine the obstacles gone. Imagine, “if wasn’t worried about money, would I still make this trip?”

I call this IDEA SUBTRACTION. Subtract the perceived obstacles to an idea and (BAM!) you find that many more ideas are born from that.

First, he arranged to rent the private plane, even though he still had the obstacle (“no money”).

Then he put up a sign: “$29 for a plane to Puerto Rico.” And everyone signed up. Suddenly he had the money for the plane.

That was his proof-of-concept for an airline. Now that is his main business and it’s worth billions.

Here’s ten quotes from him that I think are valuable.

1. Richard Branson: “Listen more than you talk. Nobody learned anything by hearing themselves speak.”

2. Richard Branson: “Start making suggestions for how to improve your workplace. Don’t be a shrinking violet, quietly getting your job done adequately. Be bold, and the sky is the limit.”

Note he’s not suggesting start a company. You can always create inside ANY surrounding and you will be infinitely rewarded for that.

The first employee at Google is now a multi-billionaire even though nobody knows his name (Craig Silverstein). He was an employee and he created and blossomed.

3. Richard Branson: “Age isn’t as important so long as you are surrounded by people you love, doing things you passionately believe in.”

I truly believe this. We all have things we love to do. And it’s the people around us who love us that help us unlock these dreams.

It’s ONLY when you find the people you love, you can create and flourish. Henry Ford was 45 when he started his third car company and created the assembly line. He did this once he eliminated all the people who tried to control him at prior companies.

Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was 65 when she wrote her first book. The book that would turn into the series, “Little House on the Prairie”.

This was after she had been totally wiped out in the Great Depression and left with nothing but she started to surround herself with people who encouraged her and pushed her to pursue writing to make ends meet.

4. Richard Branson: “What I personally know would make up a dot so minuscule it couldn’t be seen. What humanity has collectively learned so far would make up a tiny mark within the circle. Everything we all have to learn in the future would take up the rest of the space. It is a big universe, and we are all learning more about it every day. If you aren’t listening, you are missing out.”

The other day someone asked me if I believed in “God.” There’s no answer. Always have reverence for the infinite things we will never know. Our brains are too small.

This next quote I slightly want to change:

5. Richard Branson: “To be a real entrepreneur you always have to be looking forward. The moment you rest on your laurels is the moment your competition overtakes you.”

I think ‘entrepreneur’ can be changed to ‘human.” We all have to survive and succeed first as humans. And the job description changes every day.

Every day there is room to finish this sculpture that began the moment our mothers released us into the world

6. Richard Branson: “There is no such thing as a boring person: everyone has stories and insights worth sharing. While on the road, we let our phones or laptops take up our attention. By doing that, we might miss out on the chance to learn and absorb ideas and inspiration from an unexpected source: our fellow travelers.”

Every day has stories hidden inside of them, like a treasure hunt. When you find those stories, you get rewarded. Not by money, but by…I don’t know. Something. You feel it when it happens.

7. Richard Branson: “It can be easy to find reasons not to do something. However you might be surprised by how much help is at hand if you put yourself out there and commit to a project. It doesn’t have to be a case of struggling along by yourself.”

We live in a world of connection. The barriers we’ve erected by storytelling (religion, nationalism, corporatism) are breaking down.

You can crowdsource a revolution with a single tweet now. There are a million ways to ask for help and a million people who want to help you.

But it’s hard to ask. There’s the old fears of rejection. Fears of people viewing asking as weakness. Fears of infringing on someone by asking.

Offer value in your ask and then the reasons to not do something start to go away until there are none left.

And again, Branson is referring to “idea subtraction” which has constantly propelled him from success to success.

8. Richard Branson: “When most people think about taking a risk they associate it with negative connotations, when really they should view it as a positive opportunity. Believe in yourself and back yourself to come out on top. Whether that means studying a course to enable a change of direction, taking up an entry level position on a career ladder you want to be a part of, or starting your own business — you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try.”

Another example of how Branson would use “idea subtraction” to come up with tons of ideas.

For instance, sometimes people say, “If only I knew how to program I could do X.” Well, imagine you could program. Subtract that worry. Now what ideas would you implement?

You can always subtract a worry. Whether it’s putting up a sign (“$29 to get to Puerto Rico”) or, as Branson suggests above, taking an entry level position.

When I started my first successful company my job title was, “Jr. Programmer Analyst” at HBO and I had $0 in the bank.

I took an entry level job so I could move to NYC and start making connections. Istayed at that job for three years while building my network.

For more than half of those three years I had my first company on the side, building up.

I was afraid all the time I would get caught doing two jobs at the same time.

But I did learn that these almost insurmountable obstacles were the EXACT reason had huge opportunities.

When people think a problem is impossible they value it at zero. Successful people buy ideas low (zero) and sell them high.

You ask “why can’t I?” as in the following quote from Branson:

9. Richard Branson: “I’ve always had a soft spot for dreamers – not those who waste their time thinking ‘what if’ but the ones who look to the sky and say ‘why can’t I shoot for the moon?’”

does he really mean the moon here? Or does that sound cliche? Let’s look.

When Branson was a teenager and started his first magazine devoted to music, Idoubt he was thinking about shooting for the moon.

But who knows? Now his biggest investment is Virgin Galactic. That magazine (which he started despite severe dyslexia) literally turned into a company that is now shooting to land a ship on the moon.

Why not? Why not?


10Richard Branson: “Together we can make the products, services, businesses, ideas, and politics for a better future. In this ‘new power’ world, we are all makers. Let’s get making.”

Sometimes people write me and say, “not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Some people like being employees.”

I agree with this. There is nothing wrong with being an employee. It’s what you make of it.

I‘ve been an employee many times. The key is to realize that an “employee” doesn’t mean you give up on creating, on making, on coming up with ideas.

In fact, an employee often has more opportunity for abundance than an entrepreneur. The playing field is much larger in a big corporation where everything is possible.

I went to graduate school with Astro Teller, who was recently on my podcast. He runs the special projects division at Google called GoogleX. He’s an employee at Google.

He was asked to “dream” at Google and now Google, a software company, is making driverless cars. It seems insurmountable: “What if we can make a car without a driver?” But that’s where the opportunity is.

Every day I wake up and it’s a constant battle in my brain against obstacles. Usually not business obstacles but emotional ones. Fears. People. Ideas. Hopes. This is life. A stream of obstacles and fears in a tough world.

I wish I had paid attention to the many wonderful virtual mentors, the RichardBransons of the world, when I was younger.

To simply admit, “I don’t know” and reap the benefits of curiosity.

I hope I learn something today. If not I‘ll go back and reread these quotes and maybe sleep on a park bench.


Credit: This was first published on james Altucher website

How To Start Living A Successful Life (A Case Study Of The 8 Wonders Of Jesus And Joseph)

How To Start Living A Successful Life (A Case Study Of The 8 Wonders Of Jesus And Joseph)

2016 Youth Convention at the Redeemed Christian Church of God was a power packed programme I had never imagined. It’s my first time attending Youth Convention at RCCG and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

On one of the afternoons, I took time to pray and give praises to Jehovah God for His marvellous deeds, suddenly I received an unusual revelation and it’s about the Characteristics of Jesus and Joseph. At first,I thought it was just some usual drops of imagination but it kept coming and I think it’s worth sharing  “How To Start Living A Successful Life ( A Case Study Of The 8 Wonders Of Jesus And Joseph)”.

NOTE: No Human or mere Mortal can be compared to Jesus who is the King of kings and Lord of lords. These Characteristics or should I call them similarities in both of their lives is really a wonder.

In this article , I will want us to examine these lines of actions in the life of one of the founding father of Israel and the founder of Christianity who is ultimately the number one citizen and ruler in the Universe, we will be relating this topic to any area of our lives and see how as a Christian family we can live a successful lives. So let’s get started.



  1. Unusual Parental Love : In the book of Matthew 3:17b, the bible record how God open the Heaven and declared “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Jesus is so much loved by the Father that He opened the Heaven to speak to Him. He’s well pleased with the life Jesus is living on the earth. In Job 1:6 , the bible record how the sons of God came to present themselves to God, but it’s amazing how Jesus is the only begotten son that God loved most. Joseph on the other hand receives so much love from Jacob that his brothers envied him, in the book of Genesis 37:3, the book of life says “Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his Children, because he was the son of his old age. Also he made him a tunic of many colors”. Joseph did not only enjoy so much love from Jacob, He was distinct and separated by love. That being said, I will like to relate this to how we cater for our Children. Parental love is essential if we want them to go far in life. No magic will happen when getting parenting tips or advice and you don’t supernaturally love your Children. Jesus and Joseph received supernatural love from their fathers. In order to build a successful Christian home or live a fabulous life, you have to endow your Children with the gifts of the Supernatural. In the book of Proverb 22:6, the bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it”. Loving our Children naturally is not just enough, embed in them the way to life and they will give you rest when you need that rest. It’s evident in the life of Joseph that Jacob gave him the right gift, which is the fear of the Lord. Joseph so much fears God that he won’t sleep with his master’s wife, even though nobody will find out, but because he fears God in Heaven and he surely knows God will find out, he fled for his dear life. Another thing I want to say is Children are from God and like Samuel’s mother; we should give them back to God who is “LOVE” and the father of all.
  2. Ruling In Foreign Kingdom: You and I both know the story of Joseph, how he was sold into slavery, works in the house of Potiphar, went to prison and finally to the palace. He ruled in Egypt as the prime minister, the only person above him was Pharaoh  the king. We can find this in the book of Genesis 41. Joseph was set over the whole land of Egypt. Before Joseph was sold into slavery, he lives as a king in his father’s house, from my own imagination, I think Joseph will be the second in command in his father’s house, he’s not allow to do all the hard work that his brothers always do, but because God wanted him to rule in a foreign land, he went through all that he went through. Jesus came to this envious and resentful World because of the Supernatural love that exists between Him and His father. He lives as a king in Heaven before coming to this World. Jesus reign as a king as was foretold by the prophets in the Old Testament and He’s still ruling on this foreign land, ruling in the Heavens and all over the universe, He’s the number one till now and will rule as number one   So let’s us live in this present world as a king. We are wonderfully and fearfully made by God. No Christian living a genuine Christian life is expected to be just an ordinary person. We are meant to rule and subdue this planet earth. In the book of Deuteronomy 15:4 “except when there may be no poor among you; for the LORD will greatly bless you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you to possess as an inheritance”. This bible verse which Moses the prophet spoke to the Children of Israel was written to us as Christians. You may be asking, but the same bible said that poor shall never cease from the land. Yes we can see that in evidence in the World today but we can also see the supernatural wonders the same God is doing in His kingdom. Larger percentages of most of the inventions in this world are made by Christians. Most of the successful people in the World are Christians. We are meant to rule and reign in this foreign land called “Earth” so that we can rule in Heaven also.  The book of Revelation 5:10 says “You let them become kings and serve God as priests, and they will rule on earth”. After all things, remember that This World is a marketplace, so get the best deal and rule your World.
  3. Solution Providers: Both Jesus and Joseph were solutions to their Worlds. God systematically placed Joseph in the prison to save the people of Egypt from dying when the famine that was seven years away hit them. He also created and developed Joseph in the gift of interpreting dreams, Joseph used this gift to the fullest and the gift made him a ruler. Our Lord Jesus Christ on the other hand came to this World with all the gifts you can ever think of. He’s all in all; the bible told us how Jesus of Nazareth went about healing the sick and those who were oppressed by the devil for God was with Him. This makes Him a solution and a wonder to all generations. It’s not a surprise that Jesus who is the creator of all gifts should possess all the gifts. The bible says He’s the wisdom of God and you can see both Him and Joseph using that wisdom to the fullest. Joseph interpreted the dreams and still go ahead to tell Pharaoh to look for someone to be in charge of the solution, Pharaoh said who can do it better than you. Being a solution provider is not what we should view just anyhow. God has embedded various gifts inside of us and He strategically placed us in that place that we are to be a solution there. That is the reason you will see some people that will travel abroad and someone at home will still be the one sending money and aids for him to survive. You are a solution provider; no matter where you are currently, just discover that great thing God had placed inside of you. If we want to relate to the parable Jesus spoke about gifts and talents, God gave to everyone according to his/her own ability. There’s no ungifted or untalented creature of God, just go out there and discover how you can be a solution to the masses or the community around you.

4. SOLD: We all know how Joseph brothers sold him; we also know how Judas sold Jesus. As for us, we were sold by our fore fathers Adam and Eve but there’s a solution, Joseph was sold into slavery and triumph at the end of the day. Jesus was also sold and condemned to death but triumph and reign as the King of kings and Lord of lords forever and forever. How then can we come out of the ancient slavery that we were sold to? , it’s by accepting Jesus as our only saviour. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life, there’s no other way. In the book of John 3:16, the bible says “For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. God love humanity, that’s why He placed us in a garden that is full of riches and splendours but our fore fathers, disobeyed God and made God angry and you know it’s a terrible thing when God gets angry. God still loves us and He wants us out of slavery. That’s the reason He had to send His only begotten son to die and get us out of the slavery of the dark World. The book of life says, if the Son set you free, then you are free indeed. If you are not training your son or daughter in the way of the Lord or you and your family haven’t surrender your lives to Jesus, then you guys need to get out of the ancient slavery humanity was sold to, its better you do so now so that you can be liberated.

5. Deep Love for Parents: Jesus so much loved the father that He did not commit any sin while He was living on this planet, He so much love His father’s business that He prefers it to food. Joseph loved his father so much that he will not let his brother ruin their father’s business; he will always report everything his brothers are doing on the field. When He became the prime minister in Egypt and revealed himself to his brothers, he was such in a hurry that he wanted to set his eye on the old man again. As parents that want our Children to take care of us, we should love our parent with undiluted love. We should always express that deep love to them at all time especially in their old age, that’s the time they need us the most. Some people in this part of the World will leave their parents to suffer at old age and when such parent die; they will spend millions upon millions to bury the same father or mother that they never paid attention to. Another thing is parents need to sow the seed of kindness and wisdom in the lives of our Children when they are still young so they can give us rest when we need them at old age. As Jesus and Joseph possessed deep love for their individual fathers, let’s show deep love for our parent and love them for being our driver to this present plane.

6. Temptation: Jesus was tempted by the devil after He finishes 40 days and 40 nights fast. Joseph was also tempted, Potiphar’s wife disturbing him day and night to sleep with him. While Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, the temptation of Joseph led him straight into prison. When Jesus came out of the wilderness, He started doing great miracles and wonders. When Joseph came out of prison, he came straight into palace. We should not view temptation as something that we cannot handle. God had given us the spirit of wisdom and sound mind to beat all the wiles of the devil. There is another thing I want us to know about temptation, we can flee from temptation. As mortal being, we can be weak but there is always a way out. When you know someone is seducing you, you can run away like the way Joseph flees from Potiphar’s wife but get wisdom, don’t get into a position someone will shout on you that you rape him/her. And the renewing of our minds can go a long way in dealing with temptations. Jesus knows everything written about Him and He used that to deal with the temptation of the devil. To live a successful life, we need to study hard. When you know and understand what’s written in the book of life, your destiny can never be written off by the enemies and the temptations of life.

7. Many Fathers: Jesus’s father is the Almighty God. The bible also calls him the son of David and David the son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So we can say Jesus is the begotten son of the Almighty God, the son of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Joseph which happens to be the husband of His mother “Mary”. Joseph on the other hand is the son of Jacob, but we can also say he’s the son of Potiphar, Pharaoh and ultimately son of God. Pharaoh even gave Joseph a wife from Potiphar’s clan, a daughter of Potiphar’s clan. It’s not only our fathers and mothers that are meant to be respected by us. Our elders sometime can be termed as our fathers and mothers and we should give them the respect we give to our parents.

8. Body Travel: Jesus ascends {travels} from this foreign land into His permanent Kingdom “Heaven” after rising up from the dead. Joseph‘s body was carried along {travels} with the Children of Israel into the permanent land “Canaan land” that God promised the Children of Israel. As Jesus’s body ascends into the Heaven, that’s the semi to the land stage that His body will have anything to do with this present World. His body has gone through so many things before He was given the power to ascend into the Heaven. As fleshly spirit, let’s endure hard times and hope and trust in God for our ultimate ascension into our Glorious time and season. Let our body work, it’s that same body that work that will enjoy when that Glorious season’s come.


I wish you good luck as you build a successful Christian home and family, bringing up our Children in Godly parenting ways, and living all round successful life. What is the point you think is missing in this article, you can share in the comment below, I will be very glad to have a conversation going. Until I come your way again with another inspiration and lifestyle, I remain Dayss Olasunkanmi. Please help share the article with your network and stay blessed.