Hey great fam,This is the official page for Dayss Ola Music merchandising brand called MRODUNDAYSSLEE . Mr Odun is about celebration, living good life and making good choices. It’s a mix of lifestyle designs infused with riddims of gospel,dance, high life and Afro music .

Dayss Ola Music is about spreading the message of the a great necessity of why a soul need great sound to become a wealthy soul.  Dayss Ola is  bringing up a lifestyle to spread the gospel to souls that can consciously live in the light and  wealth of Jesus Christ through his music, designs and technology. Mrodun is giving you the mentality of a royalty. I believe Clothing is meant to cover nakedness, to make you look elegance and give you a lot of confidence that you can make things happen. Mrodundaysslee is a brand that blend best quality clothing material and great designs to give you a colorfully elegance and affordable clothing. Mrodun also comes with my latest musical project titled Mrodun-The designer State of Soul.

Check Mrodundaysslee on Shoplife Africa  and enjoy a great lifestyle when you purchase them. Thank you