I love Nigeria but I have never seen a people full of hope and expectation of victory like the people that their skin is smooth like back of the cowry- Africa. Nations with vast resources, potentials and diverse cultures but wasting away and feeding on dead things like the vultures ,while the rest of the World cajoles us with what we know we are – The eagle. We are meant to soar high and even play with the stars, what are we looking for in the deep water of deception. They said Africa is the future, a saying that is almost casting us off the present. The songs of victory are yet to be written not to talk of been produced,mastered and released, If the World is coming to an end shortly, then when are we to enjoy this song of victory?.

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To whom much is given, much more is expected, what then can we say of these great Nations that are eagerly waiting to consume much products from our friends that we respected. They said respect is reciprocal but Africa is building her house adjacent to an enemy called dishonor on the street of myopic nature. You are the best next thing, yes you, I mean you,but why are you so obsessed with the innovations and some piece of codes from these guys in California,there are more amazing things in you my African brother and sisters, let’s bring it out. You whatzupping snapchat instead of facing your book so you can make Africa the next trends map?, You keep posting as if you are working for IG, when your personality is been policed all around because what you care about is an online ID . You complain everything about our dear country while you are part of the people spoiling her. For example, 95 percent of Nigerians will eat Gala and throw the nylon on the road, I started to take notice of this and I realized people even do this with an attitude I’m still yet to find a name for, it occurred to me that they even find pride doing this evil against our environment, then the flood will come and we will start complaining about the Nigerian government as if Buhari is the one that ate the Gala and threw the nylon on the street .

Nigeria, the big for nothing self imposing giant that is suppose to be the trigger for Africa is now the question mark. It’s time to arise and shine Nigeria!!!. Get yourself off the mud so you can shoot so high. The whole black race is eagerly waiting to dance to your tune of triumph. I love Nigeria, do you love her, let’s work, stick and stay together to make her flourish.

This is my first writing on the article series ” The Designer State of Soul“. What’s the Creator state of mind for our dear nation?, is it to wallow in failure and defeat or to triumph and be the envy of giant Nations?. Remember, it lies in our hands, the map, landmass and the government are just our representation,me and you is what Nigeria stands for, let’s bless and uphold her, our future lies in our actions of today. Let’s bless our future generations. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa. If you can remember this song by Barrister,sing it aloud and say a word of prayer to Nigeria today… Africa is my fatherland, Nigeria is my country ooooo. I love Nigeria because Nigeria is a sky full of stars

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