Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum has come and gone  but the unforgettable and  awesome experiences will be remembered for a long time to come especially for the 2017 Entrepreneurs . I was invited to the two days and this are my views and some word of wisdom I got from some of the important people on our continent :

Nuggets From Dangote, Yemi Osinbajo,Elumelu and Otudeko Stories

Aliko Dangote, President of Dangote Groups

  1. A change in mindset is now required than ever before to transform Africa
  2. For Africa to leap frog, we need to build the middle class
  3. Dangote started as a commodity trading company , we tried banking but not as successful as First bank (pointing to Oba Otudeko) , left banking and later focused on Industrialization.
  4. Some of the key pillars of Dangote Group and these are very good and classified information for entrepreneurs out there : a. Identify sweet spot ( where to play). b. Execute efficiently. c. Operate effectively
  5. Africa is still a land of opportunities, there are challenges but a resilient investor  can overcome them.
  6. If we can go into Agriculture,all of us will be rich in Africa

Tony Elumelu,Founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation

  1. Africa should be build by Africans,not Americans,Europeans, Asians etc.
  2. Government facilitate jobs, the private sectors creates jobs
  3. What limit people’s business creativity in Africa are: a. The Operating Environment and b. The ease of transforming ideas into action which is also tied into the Operating Environment.
  4. It is not what we keep in our bank account that counts, it is the legacy you leave behind that matters.

Oba Otudeko,Formal Chairman of First Bank

  1. Entrepreneurship is a slippery road
  2. The empire of the future is the empire of the mind
  3. The future is not an inheritance, it is an opportunity and your obligation
  4. Have self belief in yourself. this is when you can conquer the World

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo,Vice President of Nigeria

  1. History of personal failure can limit one’s progress, but remember that the day we live in is more glamorous than the past
  2. Researches that take months to do are now a second away on google
  3. Dreams pursued with single-mindedness is powerful than fact
  4. Courage and persistence can triumph over experience
  5. Hope and imagination are potent than history

Only great men achieve great act and the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship forum has put in a lot of training and resources towards making the Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa to blossom. This is the act of doing good which stem from Africapitalism , a philosophy from Tony Elumelu.

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Thank you for reading