I Always win With These 7 Habits of Successful People – Patrick Shyu-Ex-Google Tech Lead

I Always win With These 7 Habits of Successful People – Patrick Shyu-Ex-Google Tech Lead

Patrick Shyu is a business man, a tech entrepreneur that has built so many successful businesses. He was a formal Google Tech Lead, managing the technical part of Google businesses of Apps. He gives his top 7 habits of successful people and why he always wins.

He said building many successful businesses and not just a one hit wonder requires you to think and approach life differently, and built up many good habits for success into your life. I like his points and so I decided to write something on his bullet points. So let’s dive in into his 7 Habits for success.

Taking Ownership of One’s Life top the list among the habits of successful people

patrick shyu says that you should stop blaming people and take responsibility. Accept that everything is under your control. If things are not going right, stop blaming people, pointing fingers or attacking other people. The way to think about this is that “you are the CEO of your own life”. Chief Executive Officer has no one to blame except themselves, no one to go to, that is really the way you need to think about your own life as well.

People like to just point finger at someone, saying things like: I felt it’s my parent’s fault; they didn’t put me in the right school. It was my teacher’s fault; they didn’t teach me the right thing. It was my friend who got me into drugs or my boss didn’t give me promotion, and that is the reason I am stuck. When you say that, it makes you feel good about yourself, like you are superior and it was the other person’s entire fault. But in the end, everything still rest under your control. If your parent didn’t raise you right, take responsibility to get proper education, get a mentor, if your boss didn’t give you a promotion, get close and try to communicate, learn why and gather feedback.

Don’t be afraid of failure

You don’t need to be afraid of making mistake; making mistake is a key part of success. Sometimes, your mistake might be much but you only need one success to make up for everything. Don’t try to be appearing successful when you are not, this will prevent you from making mistake.

Success and failure are two points that are far away for each other and they can never meet. To permanently stay on the part of success, then you need to learn all you can on the lane of failure.

When you fall down, rise again. It’s someone that fall down and stay down that has failed. Be firm and decisive, you have the power. Know that those are expensive lessons you are learning from, you will always get better and better. Stay humble and be ready to get thrown into the dirt of your time, don’t be afraid of making mistake and don’t think you are better than everybody else.

As soon as you know that you are not better than everybody else, you will recover quickly from failure. When you think yourself as one super human and think that you are better than everyone else, you can’t recover quickly from failure and so, you will be afraid to make mistakes.

Despite knowing the extra ordinary capabilities in you,still acts as a normal person, when you make a mistake, you will be able to recover quickly, pressure off and be able to reach some success.

What you Do at 8pm Matters

What you do at this time will determine what your life will look like in 10 years’ time.  While you present image shwocase the skills you have now, your future depends on God and the skills, talents and gift you are acquiring. I said God because we can’t really be anything without Him but He’s helpless in helping us when we fail to get the skills we need to move forward.

You are working on the tasks that need to be done immediately or in the near future during the day time. Evening time is the time you can use to plan your future. In reality, we don’t have much time and the time we have, we need to use wisely. The key point here is that you don’t need much time to get things done. If you spend 4 hours (8pm to 12pm) in a day, every single night on a task, it’s going to get you places. If you use that time playing video games or watching television and movies, well it’s okay, just expect that is going to be your future.

Watching TV is a passive activity. What I had discovered is that I tend to get inspiration from any movie or play I watch these days. The reason being that I don’t watch Movie that much, It might be once in two weeks. Don’t just sit down in front of the TV box and watch others telling you their vision. Television is other people telling you their vision. Work on your own vision too and tell it to the World.

Success is a lonely road

If you want to be a successful person,you need to posses the habits of successful people, you should stop hanging out with an average person. You might want to go to the cinemas, hang out with friends, meet up and all those kind of activities. I am not saying you should not do all these; you can do them if you want to, but just know that you might end up being an average person too. Some of your greatest accomplishment will be done alone, sometimes; there is no room for any other person but only you.

This is to the exception of meeting with people that will charge you up and take you to the next level. Sitting with friends that don’t add value to you actually deduct values from you. When you are stuck with that person, you loss out on opportunities to meet value adding people.

As humans, our job on this earth is to add value and make the World a beautiful place, if you are not doing that, you are missing out. A lot of time, you have to be alone or be with your core team to make that happen which will bring about good success for you.


Be Internally Motivated

You will need self-reliance to get through so many hurdles in life. The thing is that, many of the physical and material manifestations begins from within. You need to find your bearing from inside. It’s not a wonder that the big corporations like Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM, Tesla, Microsoft are conceived ad run by humans not gods. But these ordinary humans steps into the status of gods to become extra ordinary in our eyes. You can as well ask if they ever come across problems, yes they do, and to your amazement, much and bigger problems do they come across. But , because they are internally motivated, they always overcome those hurdles and gives humanity another solution to their problems. As you know it, where there is a problem, there is money to be made. When things are not going the way you expect it, turn and look within, you will find that motivation needed to stay afloat and become victorious. Patrick Shyu talks about when he was in school. He said his parent is not that hard on him, so he was used to playing a lot of video games. He said he had to stop and face his studies. He was internally motivated to concentrate on what will benefit him rather than the fleeting pleasures of life.


Last 10% of any task is the hardest. Finish it

Are you working on a task or project and you encounter some problems that seem unsolvable. You need to persistently work on it till you get to the end of it. Remember, success is a journey and to develop good habits for success, you need to be tough in front of unpleasant situations. If you are a computer programmer for example, you will discover that the last 10% of any project is always the hardest, put in your best to finish.

Be Studious

No body remember anything from the previous life or world we came from. All we know we learn. If you want to go far, you must be a learner. Forget about Nigerian musician asking you if you are a learner. In fact anybody ask you if you are a leaner, tell them yes, you are. If you are not learning, you will reduce. You have finish your degree, congratulations, you need to subscribe to continuous learning in other to scale higher height. This life is a personal race and everything fly by knowledge, if you need a skill or knowledge in one area that will help you to success fast or in grand style, go for it. Be a studious person. Knowledge you acquired in one area will help you to be victorious in other areas.


In conclusion, know that success is a journey. When the result you get today is better than the previous one, you can be termed successful. We are all aiming to get to the top of the ladder, but thing is, there is no top, you keep climbing, and climbing and climbing. I wish you all successful in every of your endeavours.

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