7 Powerful Steps to Success

7 Powerful Steps to Success

Everybody wants to be successful, not everybody is willing to do what it will take to be successful. There are steps to success that the less 10% of the World population are using to amass the wealth of the nations.

Are you willing to take these steps? Discipline is required to make any meaningful progress in life. Human being is created as a free agent, you can decide on what you want and no one will question your decision, not even God. But, at the end of the day, you and I are responsible for the outcomes of those decisions.

If I want to define discipline, it’s the ability to do what is needed to be done at the right time when you are not willing to do it. This single act of discipline is what is propelling the self-acclaimed millionaires and billionaires around the World, are you willing to step into this realm. Let’s check out the steps to success.

Steps to Succes

Make a Decision on what you want

There lies some big idea in your mind, there is something you want. You even want them with your own being but the problem is that they contradict each other. You don’t know which one to choose from all the ideas. The number one step to achieving great thing in life is making a very firm decision on what you want.

You step out of your house every day; you drive your car, board a bus or a cab knowing exactly where you are going. It will be a very frustrating journey on a day you just go out and you take a cab to no destination.

If you don’t know where you are going, everyplace you get to will look like it — Bishop David Oyedepo

This step of making a firm decision is very important; you don’t want to be on a plane of no existence. A person living with no firm decision is a person not living at all. Decide that which you want in each departments of your life. From your Spiritual life to your career, business, family and health, make a decision. It will be like a compass that guides you. This is one of the important steps to success.

Become a “meaningful specific” rather than a “wandering generality” —– Brian Tracy

Put it on Paper

The second step is writing down what you want. You can make a decision today and forget it totally tomorrow. There is a study that says loss 75 per cent of information we got after some days. Our brain can only retain 25 per cent.  Write what you want down clearly and in details. A goal that is not on paper is not a goal at all.

Living without a goal is living like a goat — Bishop David Oyedepo

The energy behind what you are pursuing will be sustained when you always visit your goal to remind yourself. You will be surprised that some of the goals need to be refined. If the goal is not written down, there is no way you could have refine it to suit your current situation so that you can get to the end result. Always write down your goals, it’s one of the very crucial steps to success.


You Need a Deadline

You know what; our brain is built to protect us, it doesn’t want to go through some rigorous and stressful exercise. That is the reason the majority of the wealth of nations are in the hands of the top 10 per cent. Setting deadline is like building a forcing system that pushes us to achieve our dreams.

It gives our subconscious mind what to work on. This step of setting a deadline also motivates you to do the things necessary to bring your dreams into reality. This third step to success is so important, you really need a deadline. Without deadline, a goal is merely a wish and if wishes are horses, beggars’ will ride and be changing horses like changing clothes. Don’t live everything to chance; you don’t have a chance when you do so. You can even set sub-deadlines if the goal you set out to achieve is a gigantic one.

Make a List

The fourth step is making a list of everything you can think of that will take you to your goal’s destination. This step is not one and for all thing. You can give yourself time to think very on the activities that will give you that result you desired.

You goals are not going to just get to the achievement level, there are activities you need to perform, there are tasks you need to tackle, there are also skills to be learnt in order to fast-track your steps to success. Make a list of everything you will need and keep adding to it until it’s complete.

Put Your List into a Plan

Success building can be likened to the same way you build a house. There is a book by James Allen that is titled Pillars of Prosperity. Just as pillars are to prosperity, goals are to success. They are the steps to success.

After making a list of all the activities and tasks you will perform with all the skills or human resources needed to accomplish each task, you need to organize this list into a plan. Decide on what you will have to do first, then second and so on. This is where you need to point out your priorities too, decide on what is more important and what is less important. Write these plans out on paper, this is your blueprint to get to the end result in your endeavor.


Light, Camera, Action. We are not shooting a movie right? Your goals are just like a book waiting to be shot into a movie. Your goals have Character, you are the lead character. It has a theme and scenes; these are what make up a movie. Light up your mind, put the camera on your tasks and spark up your goals with actions.

This sixth step is very important, if you rigorously go through the previous steps to success and you do not do this one, your goals will just be there. Put actions to your plans. Get busy and get going, do something.

Do Something Ever Day

Do something every single day that will move you in the direction of your goals. This is starting with the important goals. You will be dazed at how much you can accomplish when you do something important every single day of any each year that will take you to your audacious goal.

If it’s a short term goal, do something every day. It might be 10 minutes each day, make sure a day do not pass by without doing something that will take you in the direction of your goal.


In conclusion, you can get everything you want if you can just take these steps to success above. Take this action exercise: decide what you want, jot it down and add a deadline to it. Turn it into a plan and take action. You can start today; you don’t need to wait till tomorrow. You can start putting your life in order. Calculate the price you are going to pay, is it a skill you need to learn or saving up capital to start that business, you can start today. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. A million dollar mansion start with a dollar saved up somewhere.


What are the steps to success you have been taken that had yield great result, share with in the comment section below and let’s rob mind together.


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