About Ola

I receives great inspiration in form of music, articles and stories from the divine realms to bless business people and entrepreneurs. We learn by observations , from the time immemorial, my observations always birth divine ideas on business strategies and models in the Heavenly ways.


My name is Adedayo Olasunkanmi, I am a Musician, a Writer and an Entrepreneur. I was formerly a circular singer that had little fame promoting a song called Odun on various radio station in Lagos, spending hundreds of thousands of naira and making nothing. I had been a songwriter since 2010 before taking a bold step to go on an entrepreneurial journey by self-releasing and promoting Odun back in 2014 with the stage name “DAYSS”.

After nearly breaking into the music industry with Odun and was disappointed by shortage of funds to continue. I decided to put on my entrepreneurial hat once more by going into online business. I learn to build websites and teach myself digital marketing. I was making money  and was learning more about digital business models but I was never satisfied neither happy.


Looking inward, I went on a search to discover what is my purpose for living, I started questioning my music gift, may be I am not created to be a vocalist and a songwriter. I search for several months to discover my “Why” but what I enjoy doing most is music. I held in depression mode because I was not making as much as I needed to make even to eat in the online business.


It soon dawn on me that I neglected one thing that  gives me great happiness while doing it – Singing and Songwriting. While I love singing and writing great songs, I also got to know that the current genre of music is not for me. I made the decision to use my talent and gift for the kingdom of God. Then came the rushing of the mighty wind of the Holy Ghost. I began to receive great revelation and divine insights about many things especially Business and Technological tools.


I had earlier registered a company back in 2013 with a name that mysteriously dropped on my mind then “Souljar Mind Entertainment Network” . As I was searching my spirit , I began to get a lot of divine inspiration on how to make use of the power of the mind to build and live a more better business and happier life.

Next to our spirit, the mind is everything. It’s one of the greatest asset the creator gave unto each one of us to live a triumphant and victorious life. One of the best instruments to stair up the mind is music, especially divine music. When we build our mind, we build almost every spheres of our life, including great business.

There is Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Success, Joy and Peace planted in each human being. It takes great effort and divine secrets to explore and dig out this Wealth. I had been studying on these subject for few years now and God had been helping me to use it to build a more happier life and businesses.

I want to invite you to come on board as I make use of music, articles and biblical stories to help us dig up what that great potential the mind possess.

With divine inspiration and leading, Souljar Mind Crew and I are writing a musical Album. This gospel music album titled “EDEN” promises to be one of the best musical Album that will ever come out of Nigeria. We are on a mission to bless and heal Nigeria and we are doing this “one life and one business” at a time.

                                                                       Welcome to the Wealth World.