Choose and Fulfill Your Dreams

Choose and Fulfill Your Dreams

No matter what happen or what is happening, you can achieve your dreams. Nevertheless,  you and I are absolutely responsible for the outcome of our lives. Are you experiencing an unpleasant situation?  Weather the situation is of your making or not, you are responsible for the outcome. It’s not your mum, sisters, friends, neighbors and co-workers, you are the one. If we live our lives with this perspective, we will take things more seriously and achieve a lot with our lives. This is one of the vital steps on how to choose and fulfill dreams. You are the protagonist of your life.

But wait, what are dreams? You want to achieve your dreams, all human being know deep inside them the dreams they wanted to achieve but majority don’t know how to actually get to that end point. A dream can be likened to a vision. The thing you and I want to achieve. A dream is the middleman between point A and B. It’s what drives your mission. For example, if you have a great talent, you must have a dream to propel that talent. Without dreams, talent will lie fallow forever and ever.

Dreaming is not fantasizing, it’s about getting down to work to make things happen. Fantasy is what people called “field of dreams”. Sometimes, you get into this field to emotionalize your dreams but the main dream has to be solid.

Dreams and Night Dreams. What is the Difference?

To illustrate the important of dreams, I will use night dreams to paint a good picture of what dreams are. Night dreams are what we have when our unconscious mind takes over when we are asleep. Our conscious mind guards our unconscious mind when we are awake. Either we are asleep or awake, the unconscious mind also called subconscious mind is working. It works 24 hours a day all our lifetime. When we are awake, the subconscious mind always takes instructions from the conscious mind.

This subconscious mind is the factory where all our thoughts are processed and turn into material equivalents. Sometimes in our night dreams, we see things about what we thought, talked or acted about during the period we are widely awake. It’s not a co-incidence, the subconscious is doing the job of processing the thoughts your conscious mind passed unto it. This is why the book of life tells us to guard our heart with all diligence, for what reason? Why do I need to guard my heart, the book go ahead to tell us that, our heart is where all the issues of life springs from.

The Heart is the Factory of Dreams

Inside our dreams in the night, we see images, beings, sensations. It’s always like we are watching a movie with our eyes closed. A movie where we are the leading or a major character. Although, night dreams are not that real, sometimes, they contain signals or communications from the divine realms like in the case of Daniel in the Bible. This night dreams when acted upon can become real. Just like Night dreams, Dreams and the result we want to achieve but  dreaming can only be powered by our thoughts and words. Yes, it’s the same thing as saying that your heart and your tongue give life to your dream. Dreams can be propelled or reversed with what is going on in our minds and what we are saying with our mouth.

Who said you can’t,if you say you can’t, it will be so

Dreams Are Seeds

Dreams are seeds, when all necessary conditions are met; seed respect the principle of time and yield result. If you have a big dream, you need enough time to bring the dream to fulfillment.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

This saying by Gail Devers says it all, you need to choose a dream you want to fulfill. Many of us have so many dreams roaming about in our mind that picking just one of it is preventing us from starting. The best way to overcome inertia is by starting. Choose the dream you want to achieve, set deadline, make yourself accountable both to yourself and others that you held in high esteem. Your dream needs help, you need to connect to people that are greater and better than you to make it happen. It also needs focus and faith. Until you believe that you can achieve your dreams, the dreams will not come into fulfillment. Set goals and mini goals, start from somewhere.

If you can dreams, believe and take needed actions, all things are possible for them that dreams, believe and take responsibility.


What are your dreams? What necessary steps are you taking to accomplish them? You can leave a comment below to discuss more about this dream topic.

Thank you for reading and sharing with love

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