How to give and enter into financial Prosperity

How to give and enter into financial Prosperity

There is nothing you receive that can make you rich; it’s what you give that empowers you for wealth. But a lot of people think of financial prosperity as if they need to gather billions of dollars in their back yard. No, that is hoarding or withholding money from circulation. Money and Commerce goes hand in hands, a lot of people have huge money held somewhere benefiting nobody, which is not prosperity. It’s just an object of greed. The laws of prosperity follow the way of righteousness.

You Need Empowerment

The true financial prosperity is on covenant. You don’t prosper by how much you earn as salary, you enjoy financial prosperity by how much you walk in the covenant. But just giving alone won’t make you wealthy. To be really wealthy, you need to receive grace to give beyond your own capacity. You also need empowerment.

Don’t rejoice when people give you things; rejoice greatly when you give something to another person. Start giving with genuine heart and right motive, and you will kick-start an unending journey to prosperity. The principles of financial prosperity hinges on the law of seed time and harvest time. When you don’t sow anything in the field, you don’t expect to reap anything there.


Grace and power are used interchangeably in the bible concerning giving. In the book of Acts 4 verse 33, we see the great power and the great grace with which the apostles witness the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, we can say the giving anointing can also be referred to as the giving grace. There is nobody that prosper by luck, you have to obey the laws of prosperity to prosper.

You Prosper by the Word

One of the objects of the strict adherence to the laws of prosperity is wealth. We are empowered by the revelation of the covenant for wealth. If you are a Christian that wants to be wealthy, you must be empowered by the giving grace that is transmitted only by the revelation in God’s word.

In the book of Psalm 119 verse 105, we see there that the Word of the Lord is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. There is a path that leads to financial prosperity and it takes searching through the word of God, devouring it and calling on the help of the Holy Ghost to interpret it to us. We need to receive the revelation in the word, believe the secrets of financial prosperity revealed to us. This is the reason we need to be empowered, so that we don’t just keep reading the stories without getting the secrets.

After receiving the revelations, we need to obey the laws of prosperity laid out in God’s word for us and put what we have got into actions.

There is no one that can ever prosper from outside, it takes planting the Word of the Lord on the good ground of your heart to prosper. If you want to showcase Godly financial prosperity, you need to engage in a thorough search in the word of the Lord, go on a discovery journey and put all you have discovered into action before you can ever see the manifestation of financial prosperity.

Giving is the gateway to the Word of abundance

I have so many experiences of this in my personal life. In fact, it’s according to what you give that you will receive. If you give clothes to someone, please don’t expect money, you will receive back clothing or clothing accessories. And it doesn’t take time, it takes sowing in Faith. When you sow material things, you get it back sooner.

There is certain giving we cannot do in our life except we are empowered. We can see the example of Abraham giving Isaac to God. God said to Abraham, give me your son Isaac, I want to eat him. Abraham took his son and obeys God to sacrifice him. I know if Abraham had told Sarah about what God requested from him, Sarah would have killed about before the next day morning.


Considering they waited for 25 years before they had that bundle of joy and you now said God want you to sacrifice him? I don’t think Sarah faith will be able to take that. But, Abraham was empowered and was given grace to carry out that one act that changed and uplift his destiny forever among men. God have respect to His covenant and will watch over it to fulfill His word, our part is obeying Him and putting His revealed words to work in our life.

Abraham gave his son (losing out to be a father) and God gave him in return what he could not have ever imagined. God made him the Father of many nations. From generation to generation, Abraham would remain relevant, just by giving his son.

If you want to enjoy financial prosperity, obey all the instructions and principles that will take you there. Pay your tithe, give worship offering to God. Give to the poor and use your financial blessings in advancing God’s Kingdom on the Earth and trust God to receive your harvest in due season.

Another thing you need to do is to know that, you don’t give to people because they are poor. You give because you see it as opportunity to be blessed.


I hope his short writing bless you, if yes please share with your network and give someone this knowledge of prosperity.

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